ATTN: Litter in the common areas

To: D-Ring Crew

From: Lt. Bentriki


Subject: Litter in common areas


I’ve been getting more and more complaints about crumpled up pieces of paper in the hallways as well as pieces of paper floating haphazardly in the connecting tunnels. Guys, what the fuck? This the fourth time this week I’ve gotten complaints about this. The Brahe is going to arrive in five months and Admiral Lampros is gonna skin my ass AND yours if he sees this shit all over the place. So handle it. It looks like a damn mess. I’m not going to mention this again. Next time it’ll be my foot up your ass, which believe me goes a lot farther than you’d think in low g.

By the way, whoever’s leaving these papers around seems to be quite the poet. Some real Shakespearean shit. Nice. Keep it in a journal or computer next time.



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